Last Minute Travel Plans – Any Ideas?

Phew! That’s the word most people utter or gasp when trying to arrange everything on a last minute travel plan. Haywire would be the right word. Is there any house in the real world which has properly placed items, which you can easily find, when you want them?

The answer would be in the negative, because nobody is responsible these days and just keep on misplacing the knife or screwdriver and what not. They become exasperated when it is not available at the most needed moment. When a last minute travel plan jumps right into your face, try not to panic- this is the first requirement not to muddle up things.

When you are confused, your brain will not work clearly and you may forget many important papers or things. Relax and sit for a few moments- concentrate and try to make a list of what all things you may want to take.

Take a convenient bag or suitcase which has many openings to keep your required items like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, medicines [if you are having any], towels, undergarments [plenty, if you do not have the option to wash] etc;.

A laptop is a necessity these days. EZAir is a device which will help transfer the graphics from a laptop to an HD monitor. There are no wires involved and presentations during business trips can be done very easily. There is also an extended monitor. Avail of the EZair coupon to get discounts.

If anybody has not booked a ticket for travel, telephone an agency to do so. There are many with high quality service and they will get you one, even though you may have to pay through the roof to get one just hours before travel.

Take water in a bottle because pure water is had to come by. Play it safe. Most importantly, turn off the gas knob, the electricity etc; to avoid accidents. Remove cable connections and unplug the television, computer, and the refrigerator [if you plan to be away for more than four days].

Contact your nearest neighbors if they are trustworthy and ask them to keep an eye on your house or apartment. Ask the milkman and the newspaper agent not to continue service until further notice. Tell the local police of your trip and request them to keep a watch during their rounds. Double check all locked doors and windows, if possible have a door alarm fixed [earlier though]. Check the ticket once more and have a worry free happy journey.

A last minute journey is always a pain in the neck, but if you are organized in your house, it will help you to pack instantly without any hassles as you would know where to find what.

Emergency situations can spring any moment, so being organized and arranging clothes in your wardrobe would mean less clutter and valuable time will not be wasted trying to find a dress or some other item. Most people do not arrange their clothes and just shove it in. An organized person will not be upset at sudden turn of events, so let us all try to be so. Have a nice trip and enjoy without any worry.

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